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One of the many consequences of a cold, windy winter is dull, dry skin, from head to toe. While you no doubt have exfoliation down pat for your face, don’t forget your body! Here’s where a body scrub becomes a top priority to help slough off those dead skin cells (ew). Use in the bath or shower – just massage onto your skin in circular motions and rinse thoroughly.

Now here’s a real triple treat: a trio of versatile makeup sponges that look pretty on your vanity table, even prettier on Instagram and most importantly, work a treat for a flawless look. The angled sponge is perfect for contouring, the egg-shaped precision sponge is a great all-rounder and the pointed sponge makes it easy to reach small areas around the nose or under the eyes. Though they obviously can be used year-round, we really like sponges in the winter to achieve a seamless, dewy base.

The bane of winter hair: static. But what to do during the day when your coif is already dry and done? While a dry shampoo predominantly absorbs oil at the roots, a dry conditioner like this one will add much needed moisture to your hair and hence, battle static. It’s a quick pick-me-up between washes, but also revives and softens the hair. The weightless formula contains argan oil and avocado extract for shiny, silky results with no frizziness. Shake well and apply from the mid-lengths to the ends.

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