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Volcom launches its Water Aware collection that will save up to 35 liters of water in the jeans washing process.

Did you know that the  second industry that pollutes the most is the textile sector Like us when it comes to consumption, brands should be aware of environmental change when producing. One of them has been Volcom, the jeans brand ,committed to sustainability by launching a collection of men, women and children with which they can save up to 13 liters of water for each pair of jeans.

How did they get it? Through techniques of washing with enzymes and ozone and combining the wet cycles, which were traditionally done separately in a single process, to save water and, above all, energy .

Depending on the color of the jeans the water saving is greater or lesser, but they calculate to save one 35 liters for each large-scale production. Eliminating the pumice stone from the finishing process and replacing it with washing with enzymes and ozone not only reduces water consumption but also, the waste water is cleaner . Some of the finished jeans for women will be done with laser imitating the appearance of washing digitally.

In addition, Volcom has stopped using non-renewable resources and chemical fibers and has started using materials such as  organic cotton , hemp or recycled fibers , taking another step in its fight against the environmental damage of the textile industry.

Leonardo Dicaprio donates 4.5 million dollars to save the Amazon ", "there is already an island only of plastics ", " fire sweeps Gran Canaria " .... All these are news headlines that we have seen in the news last month. The planet is shouting at us that climate change is no longer a threat, it is a reality . Brands must take action and we bet on those who do, such as Volcom and its Water Aware collection that is already available on the brand's website.






Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  2 September, 2019



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