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after party skincare tips

It's almost 2017, what changes are you most nervous about? we always hope the party had lasted longer, but like all good things, parties have come to an end. And even as you about to back in normal, there are some simple things you must do to take care of your skin and restore it back to shine, yes it's your emergency skincare tips after countdown party!

As soon as you back home, Cleaning stage should be start quickly and thoroughly. Sweat, grime, makeup and smoke (second-hand, too) are a dangerous mix to leave on your face, especially while you are asleep. As quickly after the party as possible, use a makeup remover to get away the makeup and grime first, and then use a gentle face wash to lather away any remaining impurities.

The next step would be hydrate your body & skin. Alcohol (if you drink), salty foods, sugary drinks - standard fare at any party? Each of these has a dehydrating effect on your body and skin. Too little water will end up making your skin look shriveled and lifeless. That typical day-after-the-party dryness we feel on our face is exactly this. For several days after a party, and in general, drink lots and lots of water, and keep your skin moisturized from the outside, too. Good hydration is the starting point for better-looking skin.

Simple, after-party tricks to keep you in good shape for the new year of 2017! Happy New Year Y'all!


Photo By : North Tri on  29 December, 2016


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