The urban artist Spok Brillor next to the Foot District shoe store fills one of the most decadent places on the peninsula with the interpretation of a giant Nike Air Max 90.

Under the concept of color and with a clear intention to illuminate the bleak through an action based on the strength of the pigment, the retailer and the artist have created a giant work of art that represents the new version of the iconic silhouette of the Nike Air Max 90; which is inspired by the classic Viotech. With a production worthy for the occasion, directed by Blas Egea, the drones, cameras and time-ellipse are witnesses of the whole process: from the arrival to the location to the final presentation of the work on the new Nike Air Max 90.

Spok Brillor is an internationally known artist, his work is present in half the world (Mexico, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Miami, etc.) He has also exhibited in such emblematic places as the Tate Modern. He is one of the greatest exponents of urban art in our country and from the beginning Foot District was very clear, this intervention inspired by the Nike Air Max 90 was a job for him.

The result of this interpretation of the new Nike Air Max 90 is an impressive work that mixes the best of Brillor's two worlds: graffiti and painting. An action that cannot be described, an action made to be seen.

If the new Nike Air Max 90 is cool, they will go on sale on August 29, online at 09:00, in stores at 11:00.


Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  13 September, 2019



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