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Top image: Quico and Javier with pieces from their Wanderlust collection

A few days ago, the duo Javier Jover and Quico Valls presented, during the Design Week in Valencia, their Jover + Valls brand, a project that combines art and the world of furniture. Technology, design, furniture that speak the language of Art.

During the Valencian Design Week they exhibited their first two collections, Wanderlust and Hug, in the Jan Royce Gallery art gallery. The first pieces of Jover + Valls are chaise longues, armchairs and stools. Javier and Quico come from two different worlds to the world of furniture and art. Quico has worked in the world of fashion and Javier works in the design and manufacture of technological parts, mainly in the automotive world..

Top image: A piece from the Wanderlust collection

Their passion for design has made them embark on this new functional art project , as they call it. Two well-differentiated collections are those with which Jover + Valls starts, the first Wanderlust , inspired by the Bauhaus, where the geometry is the protagonist and where the materials along with other details make the chaise longue, the armchair, the stools and the footrests , be robust, elegant and with a halo of exclusivity.

Top image: A piece from the Wanderlust collection

The other Jover + Valls collection is much more organic. Hug is inspired by nature and that connects us with Modernism or Art Noveau. Curved forms of light appearance make up the elements of this edition. In both collections they have used steel and leather as the main materials.

Top image: A piece from the Wanderlust collection

Javier and Quico explained to us, on the day of the inauguration, that astonishingly I liked the Hug collection for women and the Wanderlust collection for men, a curious observation that could give rise to a whole treatise on forms and gender.

Top image: A piece from the Hug collection


Jover + Valls at the

Jan Royce Gallery

Until Friday, September 27, 2019

Calle del Mar 42

46003 Valencia, Spain

Wednesday 17.00-20.00

Thursday and Friday: 11.00-14.00 & 17.00-20.00

Saturday: 11.00-14.00





Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  22 September, 2019



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