-  The iconic fragrances 2021 -

Built on a system based on color, touch and smell (a single rainbow-shaded multisensorial repertoire), the LOEWE fragrance collection of kaleidoscopic shades echoes nature’s own vibrant palette as seen through the prism of human invention. It invites wearers to freely discover their own personal connection with each fragrance and individual feelings and moods.

Under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, the template of the new multisensorial system is the distinctive block-shaped flask launched in 2016 with Jonathan Anderson’s debut fragrance – LOEWE 001. The slender yet solid glass bottle, topped by a tactile cap crafted in Sycamore, is the object that projects this vision. The solidity and the coolness of the glass warm up in the cap, then turns into smell.

Perfume works as a door connecting inner and outer worlds, mindscapes and landscapes, reality and possibility. Within this global launch, which begins in March 2021 and continues through the year, all the family fragrances – AGUA, AIRE, AURA, ESENCIA, SOLO, SOLO Ella, 7 & POUR HOMME- rebuild their forms. Each of one capture one aspect of the brand. Multiplicity defines the prismatic identity of LOEWE. Keeping LOEWE’s closeness with nature, the colors and scent of the fragrances within this multisensorial system exalt a single natural element, which is given soul and a voice through the aromatic composition.

As such, the whole LOEWE spectrum adds another layer of eclecticism, an olfactory one, to the prismatic identity of the brand. The botanical photographs of photographic pioneer Karl Blossfeldt, as chosen by Jonathan Anderson, adorn the open-book packaging of the LOEWE fragrances. The campaign, instead, features images captured by Nacho Alegre paying homage to Blossfeldt. Shot in color, these pictures show the natural ingredients behind the shade of each fragrance.


Text : Nancy Zouch  / Date 25 March, 2021



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