two large Swatch watches   


We present two large Swatch watches to give or collect. Two evolved models of the Big Bold family

A few months ago we presented the most powerful Swatch for this year. It was the launch of the family of large watches of the Swiss firm: the Big Bold collection . A proposal that was characterized by its large measures: a 47 mm diameter case covered with a slightly curved glass that gives it a spatial air. Among the models of the school, one stood out for streetwear lovers, the collaboration in camouflage Swatch x Bape . And this family is like a blank canvas that allows multiple interpretations by creative minds. And that is why they are great watches, and not just because of the dimension. They are perfect to collect and give away. And today we present 2 new models of the Big Bold family.



Swatch Big Bold Jelly, a great transparent watch


This is the latest release of this family of great watches. Big Bold jelly presents a design as clear as a transparent glass can be The quality of transparency allows us to understand the complexity of Swiss precision machinery. And the concept, Swatch takes it to its ultimate consequences with transparent straps that hold the case. And there is a fun touch of color in the hands interpreted in red, blue and yellow. Very bauhaus The price of this model is 95 euros .


Swatch Big Bold Sparklebold, a great party watch

This model came out a little before Christmas, and it is super flashy and elegant, even reminiscent of a layer of champagne. Like the big family watches, this model also has a 47 mm case . But the peculiarity of this model is that the dial has been interpreted in gold inlaid with 136 Swarovski crystals . Come on, the fantasy of any person who worships brilli brilli. This model is very special and that is why only 525 units have been manufactured. It is only exclusively in 100 Swatch reference stores In Spain you can find it in Preciados (Madrid) and Plaza de Catalunya (Barcelona). Its price is 310 euros . A great gift for your love one.






Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  1 January, 2019



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