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M · A · C New Lipstick

The American cosmetics line M · A · C launches the new #ELROJOPARAMI campaign. The red tone will conquer our lips and even our eyes.


M · A · C knows that the red tone is the perfect color for any time of the year. Although red is especially the most representative of Christmas, that's why the American cosmetics line has a new collection. #ELROJOPARAMI is the new M · A · C campaign, where it rescues the most iconic reds of the firm with some new features.

Ruby Woo, Diva and Russian Red are the red lipsticks offered by M · A · C. It is known by the most expert in makeup that the red tone offers various functions. Either by the tone, by the textures or by the matte finish that we can get. In makeup you have to risk.


Both the Diva or Russian Red lipstick can be used to achieve degraded lips, an out-of-shape finish (success on fashion runways) or also for the most daring using it on the eyes. There are no rules when it comes to makeup, everything can be a perfect look. No matter if you are more daring or less, your lips ask for red, choose the finish that you like the most.



To have perfect lips, you should always use scrubs like Lip Scrubtious and profilers like Lip Pencil Ruby Woo . You can't forget a good gloss like Dazzleglass .



M · A · C knows that red can be said to be the most chameleonic color and that is why it has more than 50 types of lipsticks in red tone. At these parties do not forget to have your lipstick in your bag. Strength, sensuality or empowerment will be given by your personality but also by the red of your lips.   





Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  25 December, 2019




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