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The Beatles

What's better than joining music and fashion? And what if it's for a tribute as cool as the Hong Kong young artists who done to The Beatles? I-M Studio sponsored to the young artists who trying to pay tribute to The Beatles, who has not only been a model to follow thanks to their music, but also been a human rights activist and political agitator for their controversial lyrics and covers.

No doubt The Beatles is positioned as one of the most powerful cultural figures in the world during the 60s and 70s. Their influence has reached all spheres of contemporary music and that is why the youngster pays tribute to this great figure of music a capsule collection with art wall full of aesthetic references inspired by the illustrations of their album "Yesterday".


To accompany a collection as rhythmic as it could not forget the music. The studio with young artists are together reissued 500 copies of the already exhausted vinyl "Live in England 1966" that you can get with this collection inspired by The Beatles.



Post On :  24 March, 2019  by  North Wan



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