The oil of the artist Banksy is sold at € 11,000,000  -
 Parliament returned  

The oil of the artist Banksy "Parliament devolved" was sold this Thursday at an auction in London for 9.8 million pounds (11 million euros), has multiplied by five the best forecasts of Sotheby's.

Parliament devolved " represents the British House of Commons full of chimpanzees, one of them is standing and, represents the figure of the prime minister answering some of the questions, the opposition benches and the Government are also occupied by primates , as well as the seat reserved for the president of the Commons and the public gallery. Some of the chimpanzees shout and make gestures during what seems like a debate in the chamber.


"Parliament devolved" was painted in 2009 and, according to the catalog of the auction house Sotheby's, "offers a premonitory vision of the increasingly tumultuous politics in the contemporary United Kingdom."


 Parliament devolved  measures 2.5 meters wide by 4.2 high (the painter's greatest acquaintance), belonged to a private collector, although the public could enjoy it in Bristol - considered the hometown of Banksy - during a few months before Sotheby’s prepared the big auction. This is the highest price reached for a work by this enigmatic artist, whose anti-system and provocative spirit, has captivated art lovers worldwide.

Some Banksy hooligans have even managed to make a smile in the British establishment, such as when he managed to sneak into the archeology area of ​​the British Museum, a stone with a seemingly rock art figure but, who was actually a puppet pushing a cart of the purchase.

Banksy has not lost his ability to surprise or his provocative spirit, but he has begun to worry more about his finances. A specific company, Pest Control, is responsible for verifying the authenticity of its works and for ensuring that false copies do not appear on the market.



Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on 4 October, 2019



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