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Distance, Speed, Time, Formula

Felipe Pantone has gone far, nothing less than to Shanghai to present his latest installation called "Distance, Speed, Time, Formula". We declare ourselves unconditional fans of its huge colored pixels. "without distances. There are no distances of any kind that resist his versatility, his self-confidence, his disinhibition. There is no distance between the Felipe Pantone of self-taught young graffiti and the artist he is now. There is no distance between the interior and the exterior, between the project and the object, between the author and the spectator, between work and image, between the unique and the multiple, between the local and the global, between success and error, between freedom and limits, between study and the street, between doubt and certainty, between one and the other, between history and the future.


If we adopt a chronologically static point of view, we would say that there is a lot of distance in the intense path traveled by Felipe Pantone to date. However, I am convinced that it is nothing compared to what remains to be done. And, of course, that trip will not be linear or direct. His lines are closer to string theory than to pattern writing lines.

Generalmente asociamos espacio con lo estático y tiempo con lo dinámico. Felipe Pantone nos muestra una y otra vez la falsedad de esta generalidad. En sus obras todo fluye, cambia, se mueve. Todo es dinámico, activo, reactivo. Todo es vibración en movimiento constante, persistente, presente. Un presente hecho físico, rebosante de energía en perpetua transformación. Un presente que no deja de cambiar, fugaz y resbaladizo, hijo pródigo de esa modernidad líquida (Zigmunt Bauman) que escapa entre los aprehensivos dedos de la historia y se desliza imparable en el futuro “.

Felipe Pantone's "Distance, Speed, Time, Formula" Until March 16, 2019
Danysz gallery Shanghai : 256 Beijing East Road x Jiangxi Road


Post On :   8 February, 2019



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