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Dumplings, a name as generic as saying 'soup', and which designates something that can resemble both a dumpling and a duckling. To finish complicating it, almost all cultures have dumplings in their cookbooks, because they are nothing but masses of flour, with or without filling, thick or thin. From the Italian tortellini, going through the meatballs of matzah beans, the Nepalese momos and all the display of Chinese dim sums: baozi, xialongbao, jiaozi, shaomai and more. And those who serve in Chinese Dim Sum?

You will find some steamed dumplings with a very thin dough and some juicy and full fillings, which made me think that Lian and her team know very well what they are doing. Passion for dumplings turned into a good know-how. And what fillings! Those of prawns have good pieces of the crustacean, the vegetables (shiitake, cabbage, carrot and ginger) melt in the mouth.


They also have beef and pork, and even cochinita pibil, in honor of the Mexican origins of Ana. Ya, is not orthodox, so what? I would love to see dumplings with fillings here and there, knowing that they are prepared at the moment and that while you wait you can sit in your living room, maybe having a coffee, a soda or some of the cold-pressed juices that you have in your menu.


Photo by Neo / Post On :   25 March, 2019



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