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The #healthy is already tiring and should not. We should eat healthy every day and not fall into the trap of thinking that it is a whim. Although sometimes it seems: how many times have we paid a fortune for a menu that promised to do us good to the body? In reality, it has ended up falling like a stone in our stomachs. But none of that happens in Basel, which promises balanced menus at a good price, delicious brunch and healthy and also some sweet, as sweet as always but less caloric than usual.

Here the vegetables are the main protagonists throughout the day. For example, you can start breakfast or snack with a toast of eggplant, walnuts, honey, sesame and goat cheese or some huevos rancheros, which are accompanied by beans with cacao sautéed, pico de gallo, avocado and cilantro. Bagel? They have a perfect salmon and avocado. Burger? Also, 100% vegetable, of portobello mushrooms, lentils and chia. And if you come looking for the classics, do not miss: bowl of açai, toast with avocado or oatmeal pancakes with chia, dates and banana. And if you want a sandwich, this one does not skip anyone: crumbled turkey, with cream of eggplant, parmesan, pears, spinach and tomato, on bread, accompanied by potatoes or salad. Breakfast or brunchear strong and healthy could not be better.


The vegan carrot cupcake carries this root well and incorporates buckwheat flour, which gives it a more complex flavor that is always appreciated in sweets. In addition, it is topped with a frosting of cashew nuts and coconut. For its part, the chocolate cake sweetened with beet and brownie gets a more mellow thanks to the sweet potato. It is not by chance the use of these ingredients: in The Juice House they know how to take advantage of the sweetest vegetables so as not to add so much sugar to desserts. And the same concept applies to cocktails, made with fresh fruit as far as possible. Here I always have the feeling that they are taking good care of me.


Photo by Neo / Post On :   25 April, 2019



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