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If you’ve had eyelash extensions before you’ll know that they are a serious confidence boost. Every woman needs this experience at least once in her life. The best thing is you can go mascara-free and your eyes will still stand out. Plus, you’ll wake up each morning looking amazing already! However, like with all beauty treatments, maintenance and care are required to ensure that you get the best out of your eyelash extensions. We’ve put together a few tips so that you can enjoy your lashes to the fullest.

Eyelash extensions aftercare within the first 24-48 hours
- Refrain from picking at them. If they look out of place, just give them a quick brush. Treat them gently with care
- Avoid your favourite tear-jerker as it’s no tears during the cure period! After 24 hours, you can cry all you want.
- Try not to sleep on them, sleep on your back for the first day to ensure that the glue isn’t tampered with Stay away from chlorinated pools and heat treatments such as steam rooms, saunas and sun-beds for at least 24 hours, as this is the time that the lashes need for proper bonding.
- Avoid oil-based eye makeup and makeup remover.

Shampoo your lashes
Give your lashes the TLC they need by washing them gently with shampoo a few times a week. Again, this is to break down the oils that could potentially cause your lashes to detach from the lid by interfering with the glue. Washing your eyes with shampoo sounds like something your parents warned you against as a child – but here’s how to do it tears-free: Take a tiny amount on the palm of your hand, create foam with some water and use your index finger and thumb to massage the lashes gently from base to tip.
The best shampoo to use according to the professionals is actually Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It’s dead cheap yet effective. For something a bit more mature we recommend Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser: it’s light and airy, perfect for keeping the lashes intact. What’s more is that the Lash & Lid cleanser is vegan-friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

Tool to help :
A spoolie wand looks like a mascara brush, and this little tool can make all the difference to your lashes. Your extensions have a habit of crossing over as time progresses, so the spoolie wand can aid in separating the lashes. Close your eyes and use the spoolie wand over the lashes so that they stay looking well defined and aligned. Keeping them looking tip-top will also prevent you from playing with them, leading to the lashes prematurely falling out. 

Post by Andy Madison / 5 April, 2021


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