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new Masq collection

The new Masq collection, designed by Masquespacio Studio in collaboration with the Danish brand Lucie Kaas, are pieces that blur the boundaries between art and functional design.

The Masq collection consists of two mirrors; the Amam woman and the Apap man and two mini vases suitable for a flower; the Risus woman and the Onam man. The pieces can be easily confused as home art pieces, but if they look more closely, they are revealed as functional objects.

The collection is inspired by Colombian prehistoric masks, but it also has links to Memphis , the architectural and design movement founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980. Together with these two influences, the Masq collection is the perfect contrast sprinkled over Norse minimalism.

“When Lucie Kaas asked us to design a collection of masks, Ana immediately thought of pre-Columbian culture before the conquest of Spain in the 16th century. Some of the inhabitants were specialized in the development of cassava (a delicious vegetable similar to a potato), while others were more specialized in the artisanal production of ceramics, gold and other crafts. From this history, we investigate pre-Columbian culture and especially its masks, ”says Christophe Penasse co-founder of Masquespacio and born in Belgium. The other half of the duo is Ana Milena Hernández Palacion, who is originally from Colombia. His studio is located in Valencia.


The story was the starting point when they started working on the collection, but it was vital for the duo to bring the products to the present to make them relevant. Another important goal was to add humor to make people smile.


We did not want to create a conventional mask, but a contemporary mask that could surprise users, ”says Ana Milena Hernández Palacion.

Through the use of painted beech wood pieces and geometric shapes, the contours of the faces are revealed in the mirrors. 
The two mini vases in powder coated steel and MDF wood make room for a single flower and, like the mirror, it works like a work of art with a clear reference to abstract masks

The Lucie Kaas Masq collection will be available from October 2019.

Risus or Onam Mini Vases at € 120

Mirrors Aman or Apap for € 329





Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  24 September, 2019



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