- new ELLESSE FW19 Collection -
 "For The Win"


Achieve victory with the new Ellesse FW19 collection “For the Win”. Don't miss the super campaign starring talents like Raleigh Ritchie, Princess Nokia or Kid Butler.Under the vision of its founder Leonardo Servadio we get the new collection of Ellesse FW19 "For The Win" . The message behind the title of this new installment defends that looking and feeling your best is the only thing that allows you to succeed.

The Italian sports fashion brand divides the collection into two themes:

First is the "Urban Tailored" line that applies the classic concepts of tailoring to streetwear and secondly is the "Urban Ski" line that pays tribute to the influence that ski clothing had on urban fashion during the 80's and 90.

Among the pieces of the “Urban Tailored” line of the new Ellese FW19 “For The Win” collection, the 'Succiso' sweatshirt stands out , with the mythical elements of Ellesse and the 'Bertoni' sweatpants that are characterized by a comfortable design The versatile time.


This line also includes padded outerwear and several models of rescued archival sneakersthat represent the union of handicraft, custom design and urban roll of a brand that has been manufacturing fashion for 60 years.

On the other hand, the designs of the “Urban Ski” line of the new Ellesse FW19 collectiontake direct reference to the pioneering designs of ski clothing that have been taking aesthetic references for years to make street fashion.

The new forms, fabrics and color combinations are included in this line of garments made to bring the roll cool without sacrificing comfort.


To give the final touch to your look apres ski Ellesse also presents within this line different models of footwear that adapt to the asphalt of the city. For example, the 'Alzina' model takes details of the silhouette of the ski boots such as the toothed sole and the details on the laces.

Raleigh Ritchie (Jacob's in Game of Thrones), Saint Jhn (Rapper), Margaret Zhang(Creative Director, Photographer and Stylist), Princess Nokia (Musical Artist), Stella Lucia(Model) and Kit Butler (Model) are the public face of the campaign and, although they seem very different, they have something very important in common.

They are young people who represent the spirit of the new collection of Ellesse FW19 “For the Win” since they take their own style and offer a contagious approach to life, crucial elements to belong to this campaign that speaks of success based on feeling good about oneself.




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on 11 September, 2019



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