- The Jeans of Generation Z  -
Levi's® Engineered Jeans

The Jeans of the Generation Z are born 19 years ago, in the year 2000, with the XXI century. Like you. They are the new LEJ aka Levi's® Engineered Jeans.

Like you, the LEJ, aka Levi's® Engineered Jeans, came to the world to turn everything around. They are the jeans of Generation Z post millennial. They were born in the year 2000, opening the 21st century, 19 years ago. And they were a revolution in the world of jean. Until then, the jeans pattern was always spinning on the same themes ... the shot more or less high, the fit more or less wide, the lows more or less wide ... And suddenly appeared LEJ aka Levi's® Engineered Jeans to give a twist to the jean pattern.


The designers and creatives of Levi's® realized that the seams of the traditional cowboys were twisting as you were using them. And this was because the jean was gradually adapting to the body. So they decided directly to create a line of jeans with the seams turned ergonomically. In this way, the trousers adapted perfectly to the human anatomy. The relationship between form and function was perfect. The most important thing was freedom of movement. This is how the jeans of Generación Z, the LEJ, were born 19 years ago.

Post On :  15 February, 2018  by  North Wan



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