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Fuji Instax Mini Link

Can you imagine a party where all the attendees have an instant camera to be able to photograph what happens there? That's what Fuji Instax Mini Link offers you. It is a mini wireless printer to make analog the best images of your mobile.


It is a printer with unique and fun functions, designed for leisure. It generates high quality copies with Instax instant technology and only weighs 200 grams, so taking it from side to side is no problem.

A Smartphone and Link's own application is the only thing you need to use it. It works via Bluetooth 2. Its application offers a function to choose the best frame of a video to print. It also incorporates other curious functions such as a compatibility checker that examines your compatibility with that of a friend or someone special, and a function that allows several people to send their favorite images from their smartphone to the printer and unites them in a single copy.


The application of the new Instax Mini Link from Fuji also has functions such as “Party Print”, which produces a single print of multiple images sent from smartphones of up to five people , generates expectation because everyone expects to see what type of image all others have sent . The printer can be a perfect tool to animate any encounter.



The Fuji Instax Mini Link main unit has a built-in motion sensor. When taking photos from the specific application of the printer, the Link can be used to remotely control the operation of the camera. For example, you can zoom by zooming down next to the power button in the center, zoom up and release the shutter by pressing the power button.


The Fuji Instax Mini Link printer works as a remote control to easily take a picture of a large group of people with the mobile phone's camera. The Link also contains an intuitive operation that allows you to reprint the image by keeping the Link with the end of the print pointing down and pressing the button in the center, and transferring the image to the printer by sliding up (sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen) in the application.   

Instax Mini Link from Fuji  It has an average price of about 119 euros and there are three colors to choose from:
Dusky Pink, Ash White or Dark Denim.





Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  27 October, 2019




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