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Easter 2019


Chocolates alive means Easter is coming: Good chocolate is not born in the super sweet only, but what is more important is that recovering the tradition of "handmade chocolate". The scientific knowledge and the influence of Swiss artisan chocolate making assemble in a total marriage. There's a brand and assemble a workshop with a showcase so that from the street you can confirm its supreme value.


To try to make chocolates, expert recommended that do not contain lactose, gluten or preservatives. Only a bestial raw material that goes from Japan to South America, and with which it is designed tablets with 72% Venezuelan cacao or 70% Peruvian together with Japanese components such as wasabi or matcha tea, both de-stressing. There is a convinced healthy vocation in its line of products, with ingredients such as Stevia, chia or organic dehydrated fruits (kiwi, mango or pineapple), as well as pink salt from the Himalayas or pink pepper from Brazil.


Photo by Flow / Post On :   13 March, 2019



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