- home decor 2017 design by KAMP studio -

KAMP studio is recently released a set of Poise design - a collection of Laser Sintered Titanium dining utensils designed for beauty, elegance and ritual, rather than production efficiency. The first prototypes released from the project include chopsticks and a dinner knife, fork and spoon. The utensils feature a twisted triangular handle profile and asymmetric details. These forms are inspired by the human hand itself and are designed to encourage elegance in the dining process.

The cutlery is intended to appear in a state of poise, whether displayed on their solid brass table rests or held as a natural extension of the hand.

The Poise utensils will soon be made available for purchase through KAMP.studio along with an extended collection of 3D printed dining ware.


Photo : KAMP studio  / Post on  9 April, 2017



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